Established in the autumn of 2002, Mavi Dance has swiftly evolved into a vibrant presence in the Boston arts community. Its founder, H. Pinar Zengingonul, Ph.D., has held a deep fascination with a diverse array of folk dance styles, ranging from those rooted in her native Turkey to Irish, Georgian, Russian, and numerous others.

Her vision was to forge a dance collective that would unite performers from various backgrounds, all echoing a fundamental belief: dance serves as a universal language that unites the world. Ms. Zengingonul's overarching goal with Mavi Dance is to contemporize the ancient dance traditions from various global regions, rendering them more accessible to modern-day audiences. The group boasts a contemporary, eclectic, and distinctive repertoire inspired by the rich tapestry of world dance styles.

Presently, the company encompasses three distinct age groups: children, juniors, and adults. These groups offer classes within their Boston studios.

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