Founded in the fall of 2002, Mavi Dance has rapidly progressed to become a dynamic force in the Boston arts scene. Its founder, H. Pinar Zengingonul, Ph.D, has long taken an interest in a wide range of folk dance styles, from those of her native Turkey to Irish, Georgian, Russian, and many others.

She sought to create a dance group that would bring dancers together from diverse backgrounds that would express one of her central philosophies: dance is a universal language that brings the world together. Ms. Zengingonul’s mission with Mavi Dance is to bring the ancient dance traditions of various regions of the world into the 21st century so that they can become more accessible to today’s audiences. The group has a contemporary, eclectic and unique repertoire based on the dance styles of the world.

The company currently has three different age groups; children’s, juniors and adults. The group offers classes in their Boston studios.

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