Abkhaz Duet (Abkhazian-Georgian style):

The energetic footwork combined with a playful interaction between the couple successfully portrays the style of the region
Choreography: Hale Pınar Zengingönül

Gandagan (Georgian style):

An original dance based on the folk dance music of Adjara region of Georgia. The dance combines the intricate footwork of the region with fluid arm movements.
Choreography: Hale Pınar Zengingönül

Lazuri Lullaby (Caucasian style):

An elegant lyrical dance choreographed to a Laz folk melody.
Choreography: Hale Pınar Zengingönül

Mystical (Middle Eastern style):

A modern twist to Middle Eastern belly dance style
Choreography: Hale Pınar Zengingönül

Spider (Contemporary):

A contemporary solo dance mimicking a spider’s moves
Choreography: Hale Pınar Zengingönül

Svanuri (Georgian style):

This piece, based on a 6/4 rhythm, was choreographed using the traditional dance steps of Georgia’s mountainous region, Svaneti. The steps are often quite fast and sharply precise, displaying the toe dancing very unique to this region. Dancers rise onto the knuckles of their toes, defying pain, to dazzle the audience with their highly technical footwork.
Choreography: Giorgi Shanidze

Villagers (Georgian and hip hop style):

The dance is a unique medley of hip hop and Georgian style of dancing. The footwork is mainly composed Georgia’s Racha region.
Choreography: Hale Pınar Zengingönül

Caucasian Mountains (Caucasian style):

The people of Caucasian mountains often lived in harsh conditions, villages separated from each other by the rugged mountains which made travel dangerous and cultures quite self-contained. The Caucasus mountain range houses an impressive mixture of ethnic traditions, with dance forms particular to each one. This exciting, newly choreographed dance brings moves from several of these traditions together in a thrilling, martial display of technical prowess and bold charisma.
Choreography: Giorgi Shanidze

Jeirani (Gazelle) (Georgian style):

A dance depicting the moves of a gazelle to a Caucasian dance melody.

Mavi Dance at Practice (Contemporary):

A dance piece narrating a scene from Mavi’s technique class
Choreography: Hale Pınar Zengingönül

Naz Eyleme (Azeri style):

A classical Azeri Folk Dance piece based on Caucasian dance moves
Choreography: Traditional

Tarantella (Italian Style):

Choreographed to the music of Tarantella Napoletana the dance showcases the joy of traditional Italian dancing.
Choreography: Hale Pınar Zengingönül

Troika (Russian style):

An interpretation of Russian folk dance style.
Choreography: Hale Pınar Zengingönül