Artistic Team

Hale Pınar Zengingönül, Ph.D.

H. Pinar Zengingonul: Hale Pınar Zengingönül, originally from Antalya, Turkey, commenced her journey in dance at the tender age of 4. Her deep involvement in dance direction began during her Ph.D. studies at the University of Illinois, where she assumed the role of director for the Turkish Folk Dance Group through popular election. After relocating to Boston in 1997, she became part of the Collage Dance Ensemble as a dancer, eventually progressing to the position of the group's assistant director and manager. During her time in Boston, she delved into various international folk dance styles, including Georgian Caucasian style under the guidance of Giorgi Shanidze, Irish step dancing with Kieran Jordan, Flamenco with Ramon de los Reyes and Clara Ramona, Ukrainian Folk dance with Regina Hancher, and Israeli dancing with Sheila Skitnevsky-Finger. She also received ballet instruction from Susan Endrizzi, Julie Fajardo, and Molly Wheat among many others.

In 2002, Ms. Zengingönül took the initiative to establish MAVİ DANCE. In 2005, her creative work was commissioned by World Music/Crash Arts to be featured in the "Dance Straight Up" dance performance series. She achieved finalist status in the Massachusetts Cultural Council's 2008 statewide choreography competition. Ms. Zengingönül's extensive teaching and directing experience encompass teaching and choreographing for multicultural dance groups, such as the Boston Int'l Dance Learning Group and Boston Chinese Dance Group, as well as conducting adult classes and workshops within dance departments and festivals. In 2008, she played a pivotal role as one of the founding members of the Massachusetts Dance Festival. Following her relocation to Istanbul, Turkey, in the fall of 2012, she entered into a partnership with Seda Günaydı to establish the Mavi Dance Turkey branch in Istanbul. Upon returning to Boston in 2017 she continues performing and choreographing

Giorgi Shanidze:

Born in Georgia, Mr. Shanidze began dancing when he was 6 at the Georgian Studio for National Dance where he was quickly promoted to head soloist position. Upon his graduation he joined the Ensemble Iberia as the head soloist. During his years with the Ensemble he received Winner of Grand Prix award in MallarcaSpain, Premier Laureate award and second place award with his ensemble in Agrigento, Sicily. He has extensively traveled in Europe and Asia, including Germany, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Italy, Turkey and Singapore.

In 2002 Mr. Shanidze joined Mavi Dance as a choreographer and dancer. Since then he has choreographed and taught extensively in Massachusetts for Boston International Dance Learning Group and Boston Chinese Dance Group in addition to Mavi Dance. In Massachusetts Cultural Council’s 2008 choreography competition he was picked as a finalist. He has also taught throughout the United States participating in festivals and conducting international folk dance workshops. Mr. Shanidze is also a professional painter trained in the Tbilisi State Academy of Fine Arts. There he specialized in Motion Picture Design. He trained with Dmitri Takaishvili on Motion Picture Design and Illustration, and with EsmaOniani on Painting. Throughout his Academy training between 1996-1999, he was awarded High Honors in Painting, Drawing, and Motion Picture Design subjects.

Nurşin Ata:

Nurşin, born in 1982 in Ankara, Turkey, discovered her love for dance at a young age. Her passion for dance led her to participate in an elementary school dance group, and during her high school years, she had the privilege of joining the Afdag group. Upon arriving in the United States, she became a member of the Collage Dance Ensemble.

After a year, Nurşin became an integral part of the founding of the Mavi Dance group where she contributed as a dancer. Since 2002, she has been a dedicated member of the group, occasionally using her costume-making skills to enhance their performances.

Beyond her dance pursuits, Nurşin leads a fulfilling life as a mother. She enjoys activities like snowboarding and biking, stays active with swimming and pilates, and dabbles in singing. Alongside her diverse interests, she also works as a medical specialist at a multinational company. Nurşin’s many passions and contributions make her a well-rounded individual.

Mustafa Çorbacı:

Hailing from Turkey's Laz minority, Mr. Corbaci has been immersed in the traditional dances of the Black Sea region since the tender age of 7. During his university years, he distinguished himself as a dancer and instructor at the Ordu Conservatory, specializing in folk dances originating from the Black Sea and Caucasus regions. His collegiate dance ensemble garnered numerous accolades, including a prestigious first-place honor at the Turkish Ministry of Culture Folk Dance Competition.
Before becoming part of Mavi Dance, Mr. Corbaci showcased his talents with the Collage Dance Ensemble between 2000 and 2002. During this period, he graced stages at various venues in the Boston area, including Dance Umbrella 2001, as well as ot…